The Boys

Malakhai Schnell

As Fred

Jason Leva

As Larry

Sampson Ray Simon

As Sanders

The Girls

Liv Tavernier

as ASH

Hannah Ahern


Destiny Duerst

As Marjorie

The Landlord

Gar Rodgers

As Bill (The Landlord)

The Drug dealers

Raymond Power

as White wally

Andisheh Taj

As Jose

Julian Steinberg

As Poncho

The Frat

Cameron Lee Price

As shane

Chad Pest Satterfield

As mitch

Baskin Betsworth

As kip

The Cops

Rob Weaver

as Sheriff Willard Palmer

Will Brack

As Officer Dick

Lorra Jones

As Officer Bomb Diggity Betty

The not FBI

Sam Sprague

as Director Lee Levy

Russ Dregne

As Agent Hank Henry

Megan Johns

As agent Savannah Daniels

The miscellaneous

Cameron Peebles

as Mr. Randall

Danielle M. Peebles

As Mrs. Randall

Nathan Shaprio

As Professor Brummit

Jeff Johnson

as freds dad

chris green

As fred’s boss

emma lavin

As pastor johnson

tanner ricketts

as Scam guy & as Doughboy

Cole Haenggi

As Grip host

russ dregne

As calvin the clown

courtney poniewaz-king

as missy

johnny green

As chrissy

Blake Laitner

As Kappy the eagle & as Bud-tender

sparx a. haydon

as scam student

samuel wenger

As scam student

sofia dumitru

As scam student

Matthew hewlett

As swat leader

Stacy Sellers

as Swat Member

rylan olson

As swat member

andre royal

As nut doctor

mike schwab

As processor fabio flip flap

joey blunt

As lt. buttkiss

devin robinson

As MAD doctor

tim coyle

as stoner steve

Jeremy ferguson

as Pianist