We Need Rent Money

About the Movie

Larry, Fred, and Sanders are 3 college students that don’t take anything seriously including school. When they are kicked out of college, and to make things worse they are behind on rent. They have only 7 days to come up with it, and their parents won’t help. They invite the neighborhood drug dealer White Wally to move in to help with rent, but they find out it more than rent it’s about survival.

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Blake Laitner

About the Director

Some people go out and buy things like cars & houses I went out and bought a feature film called WE NEED RENT MONEY, but more than importantly I’m buying hope! “What I’m going to do keep writing screenplays my whole life and hopefully one gets picked up I had to take a chance or live with my own what if’s.” After making this film and going way over budget just to make you laugh, I really need rent money, and that is no joke!!!

Message to our Viewers

We are proud to present to you the teaser/trailer for the upcoming feature film called WE NEED RENT MONEY.
Do you ask what is WE NEED RENT MONEY? It’s an outrageous comedy with stunts and a whole lot more!

We are excited to show you all this film we’ve been working so hard on. Coming soon 2021.